Mark Call - Executive Chairman

Mark has 30 years’ experience of strategy and business development, in a wide range of sectors and in over 40 countries. Following his MBA at INSEAD in France, he worked at McKinsey, then built and sold his own consultancy.

Mark was in the start-up team of the Macquarie Airport Group, which he helped grow into the world’s largest private owner of airports, including Sydney, Rome and Copenhagen.

He is experienced in policy and government affairs, having been a personal adviser to John Major and Nigel Lawson when Ministers at the UK Treasury. He will help SDZ be aware of the changing legal and regulatory environment it operates in, and to develop policy involvement and research relationships for the business.

Mark also has extensive experience of corporate governance, both as an NED and as a consultant over 25 years. He has been a board director or Chair in over 15 businesses owned by funds, founders, families or Private Equity. He is a passionate believer in the important role Boards play in protecting and enhancing shareholder value. He will help develop the institutional strength of the business, and the establishment of solid corporate governance and adherence to the company’s mission and values.

Mark lives in London.

Ludde Ingvall - Executive Board Member & Interim CEO

Bachelor of Business Science (UCT) with focus on marketing, professional communication, business administration, finance and economics.  He has been a business consultant for companies like Volvo, Pharmacia, Upjohn, Microsoft, Ericsson as well as director (executive and board) for a number of companies in Europe, Australia and Singapore. Ludde focus has been marketing, business development and business expansion, team and leadership coaching as well managing professional sporting teams in sailing.

He is sought after as a motivational speaker on leadership and teamwork with clients ( >50 sponsors of his racing team, Bausch & Lomb, Thales Group, Readsoft, Savcor etc, ), as well as enjoys acting as a coach for executive directors and executive groups especially in international companies.

Ludde is appointed by the Finnish Foreign ministry as a ‘Team Finland Ambassador’ and previously was a brand Ambassador for Audi as well as an Ambassador for Diabetes Australia. Ludde is best known as a Finnish-Swedish/Australian Yachtsman competing Internationally. In his youth Ludde sailed at the highest level in various dinghy classes. He then raced around the world in 1985-86 as a crew and in the 1989–90 Whitbread Round the World Race as skipper of UBF.

As skipper of the Nicorette Racing Team he won the Maxi World Championships twice as well as winning the Fastnet and Sydney to Hobart races twice among other major Offshore race successes. With Nicorette, his team broke the Trans-Atlantic record and Ludde has for the last years been campaigning the 100 ft Supermaxi CQS with among others, Trans-Atlantic victory in December 2017 as well as setting a number of records.

With the running of the large sailing projects, Ludde has been involved with the marketing, PR and brand development of many global brands, like Nicorette, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, Volvo, Skandia, Travelex etc. The success and resulting media generated by the Nicorette Racing Team was attributed to have promoted Nicorette into a SuperBrand.

In 2004-2006 Ludde and his family built a 5-star Equestrian center on their farm at the outskirts of Sydney and ran the business of that, as well as other farming activities until 2015.

Ludde is a passionate advocate of Medicinal CBD with personal experience of its benefits/effects and will lead a strong branding campaign and awareness for SDZ and the entire industry

Joel Capin - Board Member & Global Head of Growing

Joel is a world leader grower of cannabis having won the Cannabis Cup in 2016. He leads a team of over 25 people that focus solely on the development of medical grade cannabis. Joel is a visionary in the cannabis space and is commonly known as one of the top three growers in the World.

Joel’s attention to detail when it comes to his plants is second to none. His growing methods are unique with a huge focus on growing off-grid using sustainable energy via natural water, natural gas wells and solar panels to produce power. He grows in facilities that have no chemicals at all, and you could say his strains are the most effective organic strains in the world today.

World Class Technical Team

Ron Creevey is a key advisor to the board regarding strategic direction related to new technologies in the cannabis industry having been key in many emerging technologies over his career. He is leading a world class technical team in the rapid evolving CanTech Space. His team have close to a combined 70 years Internet experience and have a connected global network that is extremely diligent in its approach to technology deployment.

Jagan Nathan T - Head of Technology

Jagan Is an accomplished “Agile Technologist” with expertise in building large-scale products and platforms in eCommerce, Cloud Computing, Consumer Internet, Digital advertising, Enterprise Solutions and IT Infrastructure Domains. Successful and delivered over 20 years a career characterised by technical competence and innovation; visionary and motivational leadership; creativity, discipline and people centred management.

Key Career Competencies & Specialties Includes:

Created the future for PropertyGuru by defining “Technology strategy”. Delivered solutions like “B2C Listing Platform” Digi Distribution Channel and Big Data. Build once – multi device ready” brand experience sites for Yahoo! Advertisers. Benefits are the massive reach to millions of mobile devices, pads and similar devices – Orbit change from conventional PC web only digital advertising experience. “Exemplary and original design” as acknowledged in Architects group review at Yahoo! for the first fully Unicode compliant fully “Self reliant – Self serve” automated platform that hosted world’s largest Hindi Portal. 12 verticals delivered in 60 days.