What exactly is CBD water? Simply put, it’s plain old H2O infused with the perfect dose of CBD to maintain this healthy and natural cannabinoid in the human body. Water is frequently referred to as the source of life, and we all know how significant the physical changes can be from simply staying properly hydrated. The process of enhancing water with vitamins, minerals, ions, and electrolytes is not a new concept by any stretch.

Considering CBD is not only naturally occurring in plants, but our own bodies produce cannabinoids as well, it makes sense that CBD and H20 would eventually be linked. Benefits of Drinking CBD Water (LEVEL) While the product itself is ground breaking, what’s really interesting about it is the science behind its creation. Not only is this water perfectly balanced with a pH of 7.4 – slightly on the alkaline side which is ideal – but adding the CBD requires a very precise science that deals with atoms and subatomic particles.

In their natural form, CBD particles are too large to add to water, so they need to be broken down to nanoparticles which are one-millionth of their original size. These small particles can then be encapsulated and homogenized into the water. This makes it much easier for CBD to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and other tissues. It’s also much easier to digest in this nano structure. Typically, each standard size water bottle contains 50 mg of cannabidiol. What Ailments Benefit Most from CBD Water? Some experts claim that CBD has been shown to alleviate symptoms and even completely treat many different ailments such as inflammation, muscle pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Experts believe that many of these conditions could be treated more easily with CBD-infused water. According to these sources, CBD water has also been used to ease discomfort related to cancer, PTSD, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and opiate addiction. The ease with which CBD water delivers its dose makes the treatment possibilities virtually limitless.

SDZ will push forward as a high priority to have LEVEL in market with Australia as the first test market Q3 2019. While many cannabis companies focus on alcohol replacement infused beverageswe see water infused with CBD will have greater take up, greater benefits for human and pets like.

The global trademarking has begun from Australia and multiple trials will be completed by Q2 2019. Given SDZ is focussed on a 360-degree approach to cannabis, from the seed to also specific retail products owned and managed by SDZ, to partnerships alike we are actively set to commence a global search for the right beverage partner to partner or invest in SDZ by the end of Q2 2109.